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The Supernatural
Supernatural is a word we often use for explaining things that … well … have no explanation! From the Latin super meaning “above” and “nature” these are often things that are “above nature” or can’t be explained by the laws of nature as we know it. Miracles, curses, divination, ghosts from the afterlife, magic - these are all things that we associate with the supernatural.

Controversy has surrounded this topic since early man. While pure scientists will scoff at the very idea of anything supernatural, Mystics and many religious will have a different view. Many proponents of supernaturalism claim that it is reasonable to think that nonnatural entities can exist and that their way of thinking is simply more flexible. Opposers say that if a phenomenon is outside of the realm of nature (or science) then it cannot be experienced!

But is the supernatural real?

This can’t be easily answered, yet most anyone would agree that some things which were thought to be supernatural years ago, can be easily explained by science today. Therefore, doesn’t it stand to reason that they things we consider supernatural today might one day be explained by science? Surely man has not reached the point where he really knows everything?

While there are many instances of supernatural occurrences, there are just as many people who will offer some sort of rational explanation or refute it all together. Psychics are considered charlatans by some, UfO’s can be explained away with stories of satellites or aircraft. But as we often look for a scientific explanation for the supernatural, some argue that it is not scientific at all so but it’s very nature it cannot be explained by science and we must turn to other avenues for explanation such as spirituality.