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Poltergeists are mischievous spirits that make their presence known by being quite noisy. If you have a poltergeist, you might hear footsteps when no one is there, hear knocking, experience objects shaking and find your favorite things go missing only to appear in their usual place later on. Sometimes poltergeists will throw objects around the room and even move furniture.

An interesting thing about poltergeists is that they often happen around adolescents or are tied to one person who is known as “the agent“. This has been the subject of many studies for decades and has caused parapsychologists to come up with the hypothesis that poltergeists are actually not spirits at all but a type of psychokinesis generated by a living human. The theory is that they are associated with adolescents that have had some sort of psychological trauma.

While some people think that poltergeists, and ghosts for that matter, are simply left over energy that is playing itself over and over again, other claim to have communicated with them indicating that they are aware and have certain intent.

Of course, as with anything in the supernatural realm, there are skeptics which try to explain the activity of poltergeists by scientific means. Some say that electromagnetic fields or static electricity are to blame. Many skeptics believe this paranormal activity to be hoaxes that are perpetrated by the agent. In fact, some have been caught in the act and have later confessed to faking the whole thing.

Poltergeist infestations go back to the first century, where a spirit was said to throw stones and cause a small farmhouse to shake, but as with anything else, many of the stories were not investigated and also have many version which in itself can make them suspect. Yet, there are still many stories that have credible witnesses and no means of explanation.

Some famous stories of poltergeists include:

- The Drummer Of Tedworth - In 1668 a landlord sued a local drummer. After the drum was confiscated the landlord was haunted by drumming noises during the night.

- Borley Rectory - Haunted by severel apparitions including a nun, activity includes unexplained footsteps, bells and lights turning on in windows.

- The Maimi Poltergeist that was witnessed by several credible witnesses including a skeptical magician who admitted seeing phenomena that could not be explained.

- A recent case in Barnsley England reports that paranormal activity was witnessed by several policemen.