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Paranormal Sightings
From ghosts to faries to UFO’s, we’ve all heard plenty of stories of paranormal sightings to spook and entertain us. But are they real or just legend? The fact is that people still report sightings of all types of paranormal activity to this day but until you’ve seen it yourself, it might be hard to believe. Here are some stories of paranormal sightings that might interest you.


Perhaps one of the most photographed ghosts is The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. Sightings of this ghost in a long brown dress began in 1835 and continued for 100 years. No one knows who she was or why she haunts Raynham Hall but she has been spotted by several people including Captain Provand and Indre Shira who were lucky enough to photograph her.

Borley Rectory in England is often called the “most haunted house in England”. Build on the site of an old monastery. The rectory is said to have several ghosts, one a nun who was supposedly walled up alive in the rectory after falling in love with a monk and attempting to run away with him and another of the reverand Harry Bull, who also died in the rectory. The famous ghost hunter Harry Price visited the house twice and was said to witness some of the paranormal activity.


While ghosts can be friendly paranormal sightings, poltergeists can be downright scary. They make noise, cause things to disappear and are responsible for unexplained mischievous behavior.

The Thornton Heath Poltergeist was famous in the 1970’s for causing disturbances on a small farm. The radio would blare on in the middle of the night, lampshades were knocked down, loud noises would happen and an elderly man and woman were sometimes seen. The cause? Apparently the farmer who once owned the farm and was since deceased considered the new family trespassers and wanted them out. Apparently his wife got in on the act too!

While we mostly thing of houses as being haunted, different objects can be haunted as well. This was the case with an antique bed purchased in 1998. The bed, a gift for his young son was not a place for a good nights rest as it turns out. The boy felt like someone was watching him and breathing down his neck. He would wake up and find photos of his grandparents turned down and things moved around in the room. When they tried to communicate with the poltergeist by asking his name and leaving a pad of paper and pencil in the room the return trip found the paper marked Danny - 7. Turns out Danny’s mother had died in the bed and he didn’t want to leave it nor did he want anyone else sleeping in it!

These are but a few of the paranormal sightings on record, others might include incidents with aliens or UFO sightings and sightings of fairies, gnomes and even Bigfoot!