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Paranormal Activity
Hearing voices when no one is there, seeing bright ghostly orbs, finding your stuff moved around - these are all examples of paranormal activity and they happen to people every day. But the paranormal isn’t limited to ghosts, ESP, UFO’s and certain powers that defy scientific explanation are also considered paranormal.

From area 51 to the Bermuda triangle strange and unusual things happen with no explanation. Ghosts, vampires, poltergeists and even psychics are considered to be outside of the norm. These paranormal occurrences aren’t anything new and have been happening since the beginning of time. In fact, one of the most celebrated psychic of all time, Nostradamus dates back to the 1500’s when he recorded his famous prophecies In 1555 which some claim are eerily accurate to events happening even today.

The Bermuda Triangle is an interesting example of paranormal activity. This area of ocean has claimed 1000 lives in the past 100 years and legends of it date back to the time of Columbus. Since then many ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared over the area including the Mary Celeste in 1872, the American Fighter SS Sandra in 1950 and the German freighter Anita with it’s crew of 32 to name a few.

Poltergeists are a favorite spirit of movies since their name means “Noisy Spirit” in German and the movies can portray them quite effectively with their modern sound tracks. Plus they are just downright scary! Unlike ghosts, poltergeists are not seen but heard and they are mean and malicious. But Poltergeists existed long before Hollywood and the earliest record dates back to 858 BC.

Ghosts are another paranormal entity that most people are familiar with. Ghosts are the soul or energy of someone who has passed on. They are thought to be still hanging around the physical plane because they have some sort of “unfinished business” or don’t even realize they are dead. Ghosts can be seen, heard or felt and are most times a positive force although some can be mean spirited.

UFO’s are another example of the paranormal. Many people have claimed to have seen them and some even claim to have been abducted by aliens. Just as many others say it is hogwash. Either way, it can’t be explained by science.

Paranormal activity has been a controversial subject for centuries. Today there are many “ghost hunters” out there who will come to any haunted place and try to record evidence of ghosts and spirits. There are also many psychics that claim to talk to deceased loved ones and spirits from the other side. There are just as many people who claim it is all tricks, but the real question is …. What do you believe?