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Famous Hauntings
Many towns have them, that old boarded up house that has been empty for years and is reputed to be haunted. Itís a nightmare of every kid to be challenged to go into the towns haunted house. But not all hauntings happen in old houses - many of them happen right in the midst of a lived in home.

But just what are hauntings? This happens when, for some reason, a ghost, spirit or poltergeist doesnít want to leave the area. He canít make it over fully into the spirit world and just kind of hangs around. Perhaps he has unfinished business? Haunted houses can be quite disturbing complete with oozing walls, strange noises and objects that move around. Many people feel a ghostly presence and some even see the apparition. But not all ghosts are mischievous, some are friendly and helpful - even comforting.

The Queen Mary is famous for itís paranormal phenomenon and there is reported to be many ghosts aboard. At the front desk a mysterious woman sometimes appears and a couple can sometimes be seen walking towards the first class rooms. Down below, in the engine room a worker was once crushed by the door and many strange things happen near the door to this day. The pool has several spirits and there are also many in Engine room 2 supposedly from the many stowaways that died on ship.

The Tower Of London is also the sight of many hauntings as you might imagine! A place of terrible torture and executions it is said to be haunted by twin prices, Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded and is said to walk around carrying her head under her arm.

Remember the Alamo? Well some spirits remember it too and itís no wonder as it saw over 1700 deaths in 1836 during a battle with Mexico. After the battle the Mexican General Lopez de Santa Ana ordered the Alamo be torn down, but legend has it that ghostly hands stopped the men from tearing down the walls and they fled. Today, it is still haunted as tourists report seeing apparitions as well as screaming and yelling.

While we mostly think of haunting as happening in old houses or historical sites, there are actually some modern places that are haunted, after all, even a modern department store is build on old land. Such is the case with a Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, CA which is built on land that was once part of a huge range dating to the 1800ís. Here, employees would show up for work and find toys in disarray, objects might fly through the air - people feel a touch when no one is there, the water faucets turn on for no reason in the ladies room and aisle 15 smells like flowers! It was so disturbing that famous psychic Sylvia Brown was called in with a team of people to find out why. Turns out, the ghost is a ranch hand who died on the spot the store is built. He still haunts it today, and the store doesnít really mind the extra publicity which always brings in customers!