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Astral Projection
Astral projection, or out of body experience as you might have heard it called is an interesting paranormal activity that has been experienced since ancient times. It can happen during meditation, lucid dreams or in times of crises. You can try to make it happen through meditation or it might happen if you arenít even trying but for the most part it takes lots of practice to have an out of body experience.

Astral projection is when your soul leaves your physical body and travels around in your astral body. Sometimes the two bodies are connected with a sort of umbilical chord. If youíve ever heard stories of near death experienced where people were floating above looking down at their bodies, this is a form of astral projection.

Many people claim to have traveled on the Astral plane to other places, even places they have never been. Some show up in front of other people and actually communicate with them. In fact, there have been several accounts in history where people were verified as being in two places at one time including the monk Alphonsus Liguori who fell into a deep sleep and found himself a the bedside of the Pope -a 4 day trip away. When he awoke he claimed he was at the Popes bedside when he died. Later, it was learned the pope did indeed die that day and others with the pope verified talking to Liguori!

Astral projection is probably as old as man and there are accounts from the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Tibetans who all believed in some fashion that the soul could fly out of the body. The Egyptians called it Kha and you can find inscriptions and drawings that show light leaving the body on many temples. There are even cases of projections written about in the bible such as Ezequiel, III:14; and Apocalypse of Juan, 1:10 and 11; 4:2.

Many say that animals have this ability and since they are not weighted down with all the worries, concerns and skepticism that we humans have they do it quiet often! In fact, some people who have traveled out of their body report seeing their pets outside of their bodies!

While many people fear leaving their physical body, it is quite safe and there are many people today who teach different methods of astral travel. You will find your astral body quite a unique experience since it cannot be harmed or feel pain like a physical body. In the astral plane you will find all of the things we love here on earth - you can walk, you can fly and you can communicate through thought or even through speaking if you prefer. Anything you can do on earth, you can experience in the astral plane - you can even chat with your spirit guides and loved ones that have passed on!